Which advice would you give your 16 year old self?

I asked several people, which advice they would give to their 16 year old selves and these are the results. But be careful, because this is real talk. I did not censor the answers and some people did not answer in a roundabout way.

Put money aside, don’t spend it all. Enjoy your hobbies, if you can make a little money from it then go for it. Invest only as much time and energy into your job as your employer will invest in you. After all, the old concept of a job for life is long gone, and you will be replaced once you become too expensive to the company. Value your free time, don’t waste it on people who show no appreciation for your help. Read – at least one book a week, your local public library is your best friend. Don’t worry if your are not a specialist in any given field. Remember: A jack of all trades but a master of none, is often more useful than a master of one. Listen to the people around you, but keep your bullshit detector well maintained. Help worthy causes, if you cannot donate money, then donate time; raising awareness is for people who don’t really give enough of a shit to actually do something productive to help. When you help someone with a problem, don’t ask them “how can I help?” ask them “what needs to be done?” Listen and respect your elders, but make sure to remind yourself that their experiences in the world are their own. They will guide you, but you must make the journey – One day, whether you are 14, 25 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find is they are not always with whom we spend our lives. Happiness for yourself and others is a worthy goal, money is just a means to that goal. Also wear sunscreen.

Work out every day, but you stick to cardio and yoga. 5’9 is a little short and you will indeed continue growing for a little while, lifting will block that. (Lifting makes your muscles short, yoga makes them long). Don’t listen to relationship advice from these faggots. Everyone got cheated on, what fucking pussies. It sounds gay, but you should do what feels right. Just don’t fall in love with the first pussy you see. Also remember that until the age of 28/29, girls have the most choice, but from then onward it’s a man’s market. Best advice I ever got is don’t be afraid to be single. Also, monday through friday, keep a tight and strict schedule. Always do the same routine. When school starts at 9, get up 1.5 hours before you have to leave. (Always wake up at that time, even when you don’t have school or start later) First thing you do is casually run for 30 minutes. Then a good breakfast, shower etc. Don’t eat weird things in the morning, stick to bread, fruit, greek yoghurt, no fatty or grilled shit. Do schoolwork until 1. Have lunch, completely stop work and take your time for a break. Continue work until 5. Have dinner and then always clean and take the rest of the night off. Also be serious but not too serious. Be nice to everyone and try to help everyone out, but don’t ever let anyone take advantage from you. Don’t start asking money for your help, but never help the same people more than 3 times, without getting something in return. Do some charity work. Does not have to be a lot, just a few hours every 2 weeks is enough. Don’t ever go out the house, without looking the part (unless it’s for a run or other gym or sports related stuff you do outside.

Trust me when i say, wait a little longer with going to the gym. If you really cannot wait then go, it’s your decision. If you’re skinny, start eating a lot of shit. And I do mean a lot. Like 3000-3500 calories a day. Look up a bulking diet. You can eat everything you want, except trans fats (fried everything, hotdogs, kebab, shit like that). Eat 6 times a day, not three and every meal should be a meal. Chicken pasta, lean beef and vegetables. As for the clown, i am that person too. The difference is i am extremely empathic and know when shit is up with someone, so I just pull it out and after a few times they come to me. Just don’t give up being the clown, everyone needs someone to make them smile. Again relationships, please don’t listen to these cucks. Do what feels right, but don’t fall in love with a girl just because she gives you pussy and DON’T EVER BUY A GIRL SHIT BEFORE YOU FUCKED. EVER. NOT A DRINK NOT A FUCKING PACK OF CHEWING GUM, NOTHING. EVER. (Except when it’s’ a potential fuck date buy her a drink, but not random chicks.) If she won’t fuck you without getting a drink, you don’t want her. Also, keep your standard as low as possible during the first 2 years. Fuck everything that has a heartbeat. The ugliest chicks do the weirdest shit and make for the best stories later.

Ah, and one more thing. Girls are people too. Which means that, by and large, they are idiots. It’s your own damn fault for being emotionally reliant on someone who you’re too insecure or autistic to understand on a fundamental level. Fuck bitches with zero remorse and keep your eyes open for the ones that work for you. Any guy who insists women just cheat and manipulate is not only weak as fuck, he is also an idiot for putting themselves in that position. The only time in many, many years and relationships that I have been cheated on I knew it well. The chick was a slut with emotional vulnerability issues. And I was cheating myself anyway. Since most people are completely ruled by emotions, learning what makes people tick is an easy way to get the better of any social situation and that extends to getting laid too. Learn to let go of your own internal issues and listen to others when they speak. Empathize, read their own issues and insecurities, play off of them. You don’t even have to be a dick. You attract more flies with honey, so they say.

Don’t dress like a nerd, get more sun and do sports. Don’t be scared of your sexuality. Girls love sex. Show your feelings and move on if she isn’t interested. You can’t convince her to be attracted. If she talks to you or even touches you try to take it further. Look her in the eyes and lean in for a kiss. Go to more bars and nightclubs and hit on way more girls. Get more female friends. They are the best wingman and know what girls are attracted to. Having girls around makes you look more approachable. Casual sex with them is just a bonus. Don’t smoke weed everyday – Don’t make MDMA your hobby. Be yourself. Be confident in yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else in order to be liked by girls. Why? Used to be a shy and insecure nerd until I started to become a player at around 20. Fucked over hundred girls so far, but still think of all the missed opportunities in my teens

This is something I followed when I was young: Don’t get into a relationship unless the girl is 90-100% perfect in the way you’d want your partner to be. Don’t get into a relationship if you can’t see a long term future with the girl. Enjoy being single, adventure, have lots of sex, try shit out, figure yourself out. Enjoy short flings and what not but don’t put yourself into a serious relationship before 25 unless you really see yourself in a long term relationship with the girl. That being said it was incredibly helpful for me. I had shit tons of fun, had lots of crazy party nights and I am now happily living in a long term relationship with an amazing girl!

The lies you tell yourself are far more dangerous than the lies anyone else tells you. Fact is, no one is out to get you. Most people who try to use you aren’t very good at it, because they’re generally narcissistic and don’t actually empathize with people, therefore they don’t understand how they work. You do not owe anybody anything. Do not rely on anyone physically or emotionally. Mind your own house, don’t get dragged into someone else’s bullshit, do what you damn well please, and no one can touch you. You only get hurt if you put yourself in a position to be hurt. All the lies in the world mean nothing when you do not give a fuck.

Stop giving a fuck about what people think. Be you and the right people will gather. Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. The girl you fall for will be a good friend to you first, and all you got to do is pull an impossible and get your ass out of the friendzone. Which is fucking possible if you do it right. Society sucks, everyone is selfish and all they care about is me me me. Fuck that, it is not a big deal, just live life accordingly and don’t fuck people over, you never know who they are or when you’ll run into them again. Fitness is easy. Every morning when you wake up, stretch, after you stretch do some push ups, sit ups and shower. Then start your day. It doesn’t take much to stay fit, however if you wanna get big. You need weights, food and plenty of sleep.

Get laid as soon as possible and use a condom. Your lack of sex will fuck up your confidence until you do it regularly. Stop watching porn, you’re gonna get depressed and that’s also gonna fuck up your confidence. Dump that fat bitch you’re with, cause you’re with her out of pity, and you are not into fat chicks. This also messes with your confidence. Get out, get laid, fuck the school bicycle, you have a talent of getting remembered by women even if you’re completely oblivious. Everyone thinks you’re a good guy who’s cute, so work out and when your mom offers to pay something for your life skills, (martial arts, diving lessons, music lessons, etc..) do it. The money is gonna be less in the near future, and at your moment in time, it’s comparable to having a blank check. Stay fit, stay happy, smoke weed when you can, don’t do heavy drugs, and be happy man. You are depressed as shit for no goddamn reason.

So women will cheat, but not if they are in love. Sure it’s shitty that they don’t leave you first, but it’s just more comfy for them. If all your girls cheat, the problem isn’t them. It is that you are a shitty partner. If they love and respect you they won’t cheat.

If I could say just one thing to my 16-18 year old self, it would be to learn to work hard immediately, while you still have minimal responsibilities. I coasted by through life up until I was 24, when I realized that way of living wouldn’t sustain anyone past 30 unless they wanted to be a hobo. It was sheer desperation that powered me the first semester of college, of managing loans, of keeping a proper job. My hair went grey, my heart stopped beating properly, I aged years in months. I got lucky in that I’ve managed to stay afloat like this, a lot of people who’ve coasted up to this just give up and live on the streets or on minimum wage. That’s no way to live. So, bottom line, work hard. Maximum effort, top grades, whatever it takes to get the best you can get. You won’t have time to play vidya for weeks, months even, your diet won’t allow for desserts, but it’s worth it. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize.

Finance advice: NEVER go into debt for anything. Ever. One of the worst things I see is how many people go into all kinds of debt from credit card to student loans, and so on with the mentality of “One day I’m gonna get my shit together and everything is gonna be okay. I can feel it right around the corner!” Very rarely, if ever, have I seen someone actually be able to do this. Most remain in debt for the rest of their lives. If you can’t afford the monthly payments as it is, don’t buy that car. 60% of your paycheck goes into the bank, the remaining 40% can be spent on whatever. Invest your money into things that will last a long period of time. I’ve gotten it down to where I can spend $60-$100 on buying food, yet it will last me a month. “I’ll just do it later.” Fuck this phrase and fuck the people who use it. The legal financial system is something you don’t fuck with. Make sure any problem that arises is taken care of ASAP.

Don’t always trust everyone but try to be open for people that you have not met. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, drop them. Someone gives you a good vibe, give them a chance but try to see trough their shit. This is how you can meet amazing people and might even end up with an amazing person. Don’t be scared to do whatever THE FUCK YOU WANNA DO. Always do what makes you happy, unless it pains other people.

Fitness: Buy a fixie and ride it, saves money runs on fat. Society: Just do you. Talk more to your peers. Never be dishonest to friends, the real ones will thank you for it, the fake ones will leave. Girls: Be more confident, you’re better than you know. Don’t let women move relationships too fast.

There’s a shit tonne of scientifically grounded literature out there supporting the fact that meditation is incredibly good for your mental and physical health. Meditate daily. Start lifting weights and swimming. You’ve got one body that’s supporting your ability to experience reality as you know it. Don’t squander it, make it strong and fit and healthy, and it’ll be good to the last drop. I will tell you this. You have got to flirt more. Don’t be retarded about it though, just give compliments. Your eyes are beautiful, I really like your hair today, shit like that. If they respond well, keep at it. Ask them to dinner, don’t ever take a girl to a movie on your first date. If a girl likes you she’ll want to spend time with you. ALSO. KEY ADVICE. If a girl comes to you talking shit about her bf, don’t drag it along. Comfort her, tell her it will be ok, and if she has that much of a problem, then she needs to leave. That will save you months and years of bullshit. 18-21 is fun. Enjoy yourself. Don’t fall in love.

Don’t call it a relationship. Never bring it up. Take her on dates, have sex with her, but don’t be the one to initiate the label or the commitment. She can come up with her own label for it like just “seeing” each other. If she tries to get it out of you explain that you like to take things slow. And if you ever do end up getting tied down by her make sure you have sex with her first. Once you’re in a relationship with a girl after a while they will slowly try to dominate you more and more, be aware of that. They don’t do it intentionally, they do it because they like you and subconsciously they want you to themselves. They will fatten you up and you will feel comfortable and let yourself get worse. Then once you care too much about them and become more beta they will lose their attraction and leave. Also when looking for advice about girls, don’t listen to girls. Girls will tell you what they think they want, or what they want to want. But you have to actually witness or experience for yourself what girls REACT to, to know what they want. Also only take advice from people you want to be in the same shoes as.

Run. 30 minutes or 3 miles. Maybe more if you wanna be legit. Do it dally or near to it. Cardio saves lives. On top of that it helps when you’re fucking a bitch and you don not start huffing and puffing 5 minutes in. It keeps you healthy and trims off fat. Im not saying you’ll be an adonis or some shit, but you’ll be able to keep up with people. Save just 5 bucks a week and squirrel that shit away somewhere you won’t spend it. I use to never save anything but change from work (serving tables) and at the end of the year I had enough to cover for something nice or emergency funds when I fucked up. 5 dollars mean shit now but 500 means a lot when your car needs to be fixed. Don’t fuck bitches you work with. Shit doesn’t work out 99% times- ESPECIALLY dont fuck your boss. That shit is straight suicide.

Being with some ugly girls can improve your chances with their large supply of hot friends.