Increasing productivity

There are a few tricks that will help you to increase your productivity. Start every morning by writing down your intentions for the day. Keep a journal. You just take down your notes for the whole day after waking up. This needs only a few minutes and saves you many wasted hours during the later day. Decide what really matters for the current day and make a list. Then do as much as you can and check the entries from your list, which you successfully finished. It does not have to be perfect everytime. Quantity is better than quality.

Do as much as possible. If you cannot decide which task to do first, choose the one that makes you the most uncomfortable. This is probably the most important one. And please leave an hour in the morning of free time and do not check your emails and facebook first thing starting the day. Better you solve your first important task in this time. Make this a routine. Always make sure to split your tasks in small chunks that do not consume more than 20 minutes of your time. If a task is bigger, then split it again. For example, if cleaning the room takes you more than 20 minutes, split this task in 3 tasks like cleaning the desk, cleaning the shelves and cleaning the floor. That’s it. Simple as that.

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