How to live frugally

Do it yourself:
Make your own
Do it yourself
Cut your own hair
Maintain stuff

Make money:
Sell your clutter
Participate in free sweepstakes
Donate blood

Look for used first
Buy things you need, not things you want
Don’t shop around for fun
Use a 30-day list for purchases
Don’t buy cheap, but for life
Only buy during sales
Make a grocery list
Start couponing
Use cashback

Stop paying interest
Pay your credit cards in full
Stop paying interest
Pay everything with cashback credit cards
Cancel subscriptions

Go with one car
Go with a smaller car
Get rid of your car
Commute by bike
Carpool or ride the bus
Save gas

Go with a smaller house
Save energy
Save on heating

Eat out less
Eat out frugally
Brown bag it to work
Reduce convenience foods
Cook ahead
Eat less meat
Eat a cheap breakfast
Drink tap water
Grow your own crops
Make your own coffee

Exercise at home
Eat healthily
Quit smoking
Alcohol in moderation
Sweets in moderation
Drink water

Adopt a minimalist wardrobe
Wear more than once, if it’s still clean
Sun-dry clothes

Cut out cable
Use the (online)library
Find free entertainment
Stay home with friends

Gift frugally
Batch errands into one day
Travel frugally
Change to a cheap prepaid cell plan
Shop around once a year
Plan ahead
Have frugal holidays (e.g. christmas)
Share things between friends and family
Donate your body to science
Charge your things at work, school, public

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