How to get rich

Asking this question is like a person walking into an art studio and saying “hey guys how do I become a world famous artist?”. It’s like a regular guy walking up to a sports arena and screaming, “Hey how do I become a pro athlete like you guys?”

There’s a million ways to make money, and only a handful of people are gonna make it to the top. The money game is a dog fight from the moment you are born to the moment you are dead. To make money, especially a lot of money, you need to work smarter and harder than the next guy. You gotta keep trying stuff, new stuff, tweaking it, researching new industries, new careers. It’s a never ending game of discovery and the evolution of mankind, where you are trying to outwit the masses in such a way that everyone wants to give you their money for what you offer.

It’s gonna take work, learning, trial and error. Multiply that over the next 40 years of your life and maybe you’ll find something you can do that will make you “rich”.

Don’t ask this stupid fucking question. The answer is clear, it’s just not what people without money want to hear.

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