Do MLM’s ever work?

I’m about to post a scathing review of Multi Level Networks. So if it worked for you, congrats, but I still hate them.

The key problem to all MLM’s is the following 2 question:
(1) Why does the company not just sell their product to the public? Why doesn’t Mary Kay just sell their makeup in stores? Why doesn’t Vemma just sell their shakes in stores? What their reps will tell you is that they want their “exclusive club”, but the reality is that there is nothing special about their product and they realized that by tricking saps into handing their money to the company, they could succeed more easily than trying to sell their shit in stores, YOU are the money, there are not customers.

And now question
(2) Why can’t the sales people sell on commission? What I mean is that why can’t you just go door to door and sell Vemma or Mary Kay products, and then get a cut of what products you sell, instead of having to buy the product yourself? What the MLM rep will tell you is that they want you to “buy in” and become a “partner” of the company, but what the reality is they want YOUR money, and don’t really care if you sell product.

And when you ultimately fail they will say it is because you didn’t work the system correctly, and not because of the truth, which is: that you were tricked into buying their product thinking you were gonna get rich.

Please make MLM illegal already.

Every once in a while someone will post, “well it worked for me!”. Well occasionally people go to Las Vegas and win big, that doesn’t mean gambling is a wise investment. The house usually wins.

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