How to become an alpha male

Here’s a few things I did that made an extreme difference.

1) Exercise
Some dudes here insist on getting big, lifting heavy to bulk up – that seems like a waste of time. Whenever I see a guy posting gym selfies on social media, I just imagine him spending hours on forums calculating calories and watching arnold videos or whatever. Sure it’s respectable to have a monstrously huge body but you should be putting that time into meeting new people, learning hobbies/skills or making money. You could be brilliant but still come off as a meathead in a sweatshirt to most chicks.
Nothing wrong with getting jacked, but you shouldn’t spend more than an hour a day working out IMO. Get to a comfortable size, and then focus on definition – the six pack and perky chest is all you really need. I also notice a tendency of bodybuilder dudes to post literally nothing but muscle pics and food… it gets boring after a while I imagine!
The key here is getting stronger mentally. Forcing yourself to push through pain and release those nice endorphins that give you the confidence you can get shit done, however hard it is or tired you are. The body runs smoother too and all women like a fit guy

2) Eat healthy
In a world of hipsters, vegans and “free trade organic”, it’s hard to just mind your own business and eat nutritious food without catching some sort of flack amongst your buddies. Frankly, the majority of guys I know still pillage through fast food and beer every day. But you are what you eat – cut out the sugar and other crap, eat your greens and your body just feels energized way more. Also helps clear up your skin and acne significantly. Good to have a cheat day, once a week of eating junk as a reward.

3) Regular sleep
Get your 8 hours of sleep for fuck sakes, having energy through out the day allows you to do all the tasks you need to at full capacity. I haven’t napped in about 2 years as I always feel groggy and guilty after for wasting valuable time catching up on sleep from the night before. One of the most annoying things people say is “I’m so tired” all the time, don’t be one of those cucks

4) Strong social media
Social media is a sick, twisted game of people comparing themselves to others. It’s fucked up, but we all have to play it in this new world. Post pictures of you DOING cool shit – and I don’t mean you taking selfies, I mean out with friends and they take the photos OF you, as in, people see that you have friends and not a dog and a selfiestick. Quality over quantity – the cool hobby (instrument, rock climbing, team sports, art, .etc), the mysterious skill (carpentry, car repair, home renovation), pictures with girls way out of your league, or at least a bit better looking (prospecting girls compare themselves to the ones you are pictured with, how fucked is that). Once in a while, how about Grandma or a cute pet, maybe in a suit infront of a car. Just look like a cool guy, and maintain social media relationships with everybody you meet so that when you do find things in common, you can hang out and network.

5) Don’t overuse social media/the internet
The shit is addictive and you spend hours comparing yourself to others. Sure, in order to make yourself look like a cool dude, you have to play the game of building up a profile of a totally gnarly dude who has his shit together and a strong social life. But you don’t need to post anything more than once every 1-3 weeks, hell even less than that. Nobody likes people spamming their feed daily, or who are clearly influenced by how much attention they get. It’s easy to get hooked on posting pictures of yourself, passionate statuses – but the bottom line is if you are on social media without an actual reason, you are wasting valuable time! Get outside and then spend 5 minutes posting a pic, boom get back outside and dont fuck around on that time waster. Don’t get into the cycle of checking who liked it, that can really mess with your head

6) Eradicated Depression/Anxiety
Some of us have it, I think it’s a bit of a myth, but basically I’ve had great energy levels and an overall feeling of happiness 24/7 by eating healthy food, exercising regularly and getting my 8 daily hours of sleep. No longer will you feel gunshy, inadequate, frustrated and find excuses not to take chances. When you treat your body good you feel good and have good results – very simple

7) Rebuild old relationships & focus on male friendships
You know that guy or girl you haven’t spoken to since high school? Those guys from work who golf once in a while? Find an excuse to hang out with them and expand your circle of life. Even if it means hanging out with idiots, volunteering at the soup kitchen or searching online for meetups – it’s worth it in the end to expand your network, especially by reigniting your old friendships.
It’s also key to join sports teams, clubs, and just actively hang out with more guys. Eventually youll get invited to a wedding, birthday party or rock show and meet your buddys girlfriends friend who showed up dateless. Women love guys who are forced in the friendzone- since every dude is constantly trying to hook up with them, it’s relieving when they can just be friends with a guy. Infact, it lets them play matchmaker and wingman you

8) Stay busy
Probably the most important of all aside from exercise/sleep/diet trifecta. The only time I get bummed out now is when I’m “bored”, and have no mission to complete. Constantly be chasing goals, completing objectives and creating tasks to do – whether it’s self improvement, work productivity or helping others. If you are constantly occupied you dont have time to linger on rejection, and you actually make girls want you more because whenever you do make time for them, they feel much more special. Fake it til you make it – when women and friends around you start to assume (realize, rather) that you are constantly busy, they inevitably respect your work ethic and realize they have to try harder to fit into your timeline. Women love a man with direction who is in control of his own life.

9) Get rid of distractions
Fuck television, fuck video games, fuck youtube, read some books, learn some hobbies, get your life in order until you have a routine where you are working on YOURSELF for 10 hours then have a 1 hour reward at the end of the day. Every hour you spend staring at a screen (and I’m talking mindlessly watching TV or playing Cod, not studying articles/books/forums online) is an hour some other guy is being more alpha than you and getting his life in order.

10) Break out of the 9-5 cycle
If you are one of those cucks who does his 7-5 job, gets home and watches TV while overloading on carbs and beer, you need to break out. Life is expensive and bills need to be paid, but if you haven’t realized that the regular work routine prematurely ages you into a dreamless man imprisoned by the 40-50 hour work week, you are fucked. Spend those extra hours getting extra certifications, taking night classes, learning how to invest, brainstorming small business ideas or ways you can generate extra revenue – nothing more depressing than a guy who’s idea of “fun” is to hit up the same shitty bar on friday nights when he could be learning how to improve his financial standing by taking up a new career or skill.

11) Get your own place, when you are ready
Even if it means having to bring girls over to your moms basement, it should ignite a fire under your ass to get to a point in your career/job life that you have enough financial responsibility to afford to move out

12) Dress nicer
Go to the goodwill, salvation army, whatever piece of shit thrift shop you can find and pick up some nice denim pants, dress shirts and jackets/peacoats. Whatevers trending, the majestic business man look or casual hipster – doesn’t matter, you can find it at an absolute bargain price at the thrift store. $150 coats for $8, $70 dress shirts/pants for $5. Might take a few trips but you’ll get a sick wardrobe on a budget pretty easy. Only time you should actually toss money on NEW gear is shoes.

13) Don’t beat off more than once a week
Causes acne, stress, tricks your brain into thinking you are awesome and don’t need to improve since you are reproducing. Use that sexual frustration and energy to get your act together, not continuously abuse the 5 seconds of pleasure.