Business tips for women

The rules are the same with a couple caveats. Many people don’t negotiate their value, but especially women. They think bosses will just recognize what they are worth and pay it to them. Not how it works. Men and Women, know your market, know what you should be paid and ask for it. Your boss is not your friend (neither are your coworkers really) and it should not be an anxiety inducing dilemma to ask for a change in pay:

*asks for private meeting with boss*
“Boss I’m seeking this pay, and here’s why I feel it’s a fair number” *provides examples*

Don’t be scared, again it’s business.

The last thing I’ll say is many women try to be “tough” or “strong like the boys” and just end up becoming a mean spirited bitch. The reality is that “being tough” is something you almost never need to do in the workplace. It’s a fine line, but it’s better to be good at your job, supportive of all the people around you, and resilient during the stressful times. Standing your ground in a workplace dilemma is reserved for rare circumstances regardless of being male or female. In 90% of workplace scenarios it’s better to go along with the group than to win your business plan/decision.

Look at Lori Greiner, incredibly successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She goes for big wins, and knows exactly what she is talking about, yet is sweet, polite and lady-like in all circumstances.

It is my belief that her demeanor is a better decision than trying to be the “assertive, tough” lady .

Separate your emotions from the workplace, that’s the way it’s always been.

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