Are there any good side hustles?

Absolutely. Talk to people. Try stuff, offer yourself for labor. Mow lawns. Clean houses. Wash cars. Help people move. These are all things where you can make $20/hr. Social media is great for this. You can find side hustles on Craigslist as well. Search posts, as well as make your own posts:

“Mr. Huha, great for manual labor, can clean, help move, know basic carpentry, etc… Seeking $20/hr.”

Do you live in a neighborhood? I guarantee there are some people in your neighborhood that will pay for helping with stuff. Either put a post on Nextdoor or put up some flyers. Maybe just talk to people directly.

Another good side hustle is Ebay. Pick stuff up at garage sales, estate sales, a friend that is moving, then sell it on Ebay for a profit. Keep your eyes open. Use your smartphone, buy stuff cheap and resell it.

Uber is another decent side hustle. Work Fridays and Saturdays and make some extra cash. Be sure to take into account gasoline and car maintenance. It’s decent money, but by no means great.

Talk to people, use your head, persist. Go to suburban areas with money. Housewives are great.

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